About Dragon Bleu

My name is John Enciso founder of Dragon Bleu and I am here to tell you why taking part in sports is the best decision you will ever make if you are to maintain good health.

Dragon Bleu is an online platform where we share with you amazing content about how to stay healthy through sports. We believe that everyone should take part in any kind of sport as this is the best way to stay healthy. You don’t have to take part in professional sports but if you do even better. The idea is to be a part of a sport even if it’s just for fun and blowing off some steam because what this does is give you a reason to exercise regularly.

Many people have struggled with maintaining an exercise regimen because in most cases the goals are usually never really clear therefore people tire midway through their fitness program. However, when you are a part of a sport, any exercise you do is meant to build your fitness and readiness for your game of choice and this is a clear enough goal that you can work towards.

In addition, exercising for sports comes with many other tremendous benefits which include burning of excess calories, losing excess weight, having the right muscular strength and endurance, and overall body fitness. All these directly contribute to your good health.

We can guarantee you that Dragon Bleu will transform your life for the better through inspiring and motivating you to take part in sports.