Become a Contributor

At Dragon Bleu we are always interested in getting good and new content ideas which we are happy to share on this platform and this is what has made us very popular with our readers. The fact that our content is unique to us, is practical and very informative is appreciated by our readers and is usually very highly anticipated. Most of this work is currently being done by our editorial team but we are looking to up the ante by opening our doors to external writers.

In our desire to continue with our practice of unique, informative and practical content we want to welcome our readers to share with us their own personal experiences with regards to sports and health. We want to read about how you have been able to maintain good health and reduce your medical costs, improve your mood, become more productive at work and so on, because of sports. If our team is inspired with what you have to say, we will definitely publish it on this platform.

The thing is you don’t have to be a very good writer as we have our team for that. All we need is for you to articulate your ideas and we’ll do the rest and most importantly, all the credit will go to you. If you therefore wish to find out more about how to become a contributor on this platform, please send us an email on and we’ll get in touch with you shortly.